Off Price Golf

This site was using an old outdated template that wouldn’t take an update.  We updated the theme to a fresh new look.  This site uses Channel Advisor to link categories and products.  Makes managing this site a breeze.


This was a unique build and fun build!  This amazing women puts out a weekly menu of items, buyers have until Tuesday night to order, then food items are ready for pickup/delivery at the end of the week!  Shopify is a perfect platform to make this work!

WF Homey

Super fun project for the Working from Home people out there.  Loved this product and project!

Absolute Green

Worked to update this Shopify store’s homepage with fresh new content, new images, updated fonts, links to social media, etc.  Linked outside marketplaces (amazon, eBay, facebook) with Shopify store for ease of inventory management, and shipping.