5 page WordPress site, built with Elementor which allows for easy customizations and fun dynamics!

Customer had a lot of print marketing material that has this ‘branding’ prominently displayed.  The goal here was to follow that branding throughout the site.  The large black/white/orange geometric shapes followed suit.

Customer had an outdate wordpress site that we decided to retire.  We started with a brand new wordpress install to “trim the fat”.  Using a few sites as a style guild we were able to provide the customer exactly what he wanted.

Brand new build for this company!  We used a simply “font” style logo and highlighted some of their project images.

Full build based on photoshop design.  Used fusion building and Aveda theme.

A traditional looking blog site was requested by this client.  Simple, yet clean and elegant.

Complete re-build from outdated html based site to WordPress.  We added some nice side menus to catch the viewers eye for important links, social media links, and others.

Not meant to be a shop, but a place to point prospective buyers to view some of her past pieces.  Erin’s goal was to “keep it simple”!

Customer wanted a “non-pushy” portfolio-based site that showed off his amazing home improvement projects.   This site has an arty vide that is prefec to “show-off”.